Watch our TV segment on 'Despierta America' (the Spanish version of 'Good Morning America' and 'The View') broadcast on Univision about sports massage - how to relieve pain for athletes.


Benefits of Massage:
Relieves muscle tension and relaxes muscle spasms.
♦ Improves circulation of the blood and lymph system.
Thereby strengthening the immune system.
♦ Promotes faster recovery from surgery, injury and illness.
♦ Helps your body produce natural painkillers to ease pain and soreness.
♦ Increase flexibility and joint movement and improves body mechanics and posture.
♦ Promotes general relaxation

By reducing stress, massage can give a renewed sense of well-being.

Just so you know: the human body has: Over 600 muscles, 200 joints, 200 bones one pain reliver ( Massage )

Relaxation massage starting @ $85 per hour ( Outcalls $100 per hour, a minimum of 2-3 days appointments needed)

" Swedih massage "
" Back, Neck, Shoulders"
" Reflexology & Foot bath massage"
.Soak your tired feet in warm water, then plunge them into cold aromatherapy water followed by a deep, relaxing foot massage. Stimulates circulation and soothes cold, aching feet.
" Couple's massage" (inquire about our couples seminars & classes)
" Hot Stone massage"
" Shirodhara massage"
is a luxuriant and easy way to achieve instant calm, rejuvenation, and clear your mind.
" Post travel-jet lag Massage"
Calm your frazzled nerves with this relaxing treatment, which combines the classic reflexology treatment with a massage focused on the body's energy center. Designed to combat jet lag, road fatigue, and abdominal distress.
" Anatomy of Healing © massage" is a 90mins-2hrs.deep tissue massage session working with the chakras and related tissues. That really bridges the energetic dimensions within the physical tissue through the nervous or electric currents with the intention to release holding patterns in the tissue (skeletal, muscular and nervous) and beyond (energetic, emotional and karmic).
Sarah Jane Spa signature organic foot massage: client's hands and feet are smothered with organic coconut oil,covered with a heated wrap infused in eucaliptus & tea tree essential oils, and then treated to a 30 minutes hands and foot reflexology-to finish with a pedicure.

Therapeutic/Doctor’s order starting @ $100 ( Outcalls $120 per hour,a minimum of 2-3 days appointments needed )

Deep Tissue
Ah…Shiatsu Bar
Zero Gravity massage ( a combination of deep tissue massage, Ingham method reflexology, to finish with low back and neck stretching techniques done on an inversion table)
Bamboo massage
Sports Massage
Pre-natal/Infant Massage ( supports the body through the muscular and structural changes that occur in pregnancy while offering complete relaxation and tension relief for Mom. (Massage during pregnancy should be enjoyed after your first trimester.)
Three-3S- Massage 100minutes, start with Shirodhara Indian scalp massage follow with a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage.
Lymphatic drainage ( manual and mechanical post operatory massage- Special rates apply call us for more info)
Detox firm & tone massage (intensive treatment helps restore, tone elasticity and firmess to stubborn areas. Gets you" beach bod " ready in less than an hour)
Energy –Reiki – Tibetan Chimes
Multimedia massage
Ingham method refelxology massage: this theory states that the reflex response of an organ can take place properly only if the neutral pathway between the point of stimulation and the target organ is intact, with no blockage. Keep in mind that " Every organ and every gland depends on its ability to contract and relax for healthy tissue function."
Shirodhara. Indian Scalp massage It involves the warm and consistent flow of aromatic oils on the forehead, specifically on the third eye’. This is the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows. It is said to be the seat of human consciousness. The oils are allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful sensation.

* Additional charges apply for Outcalls, Hotels, Holidays. Combine a Massage + Facial and receive 5-10% off.

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