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Sarah Jane -R.N & Hair Extensions Specialist

About Me
My work is a reflection of the passion I put into everything I do. I consider myself to be a hairapist ( hair therapist)  My goal is simple… to make women beautiful so they can feel good about themselves.  This is where my passion allows me to receive ultimate gratification.  As a  Cosmetologist and a Massage Therapist, my intention when performing any service includes holistic elements, because I always take health into consideration of any treatment, not just beauty - that allows me to provide a higher quality service than others. Combine this with having a breadth of experience, forward thinking attitude, creative talents and approachability make me a true cosmopolitan professional in the world of hairdressing.

I have ten years experience in the field, and I have done more than 1000 hair extension procedures with the strand-by-strand method as well as countless skin weft/ weaves/sewn-in extensions.  I work with models, celebrities and your average next door neighbor.  I have appeared on local news and TV.  At Sarah Jane Hair Studio we offer cutting, coloring, blowouts, perms, relaxers, and styling. As well as every method of hair extensions - including individual keratin or bead fusion, silicon bonded wefts, sewn in, micro-linking, micro braids, braids, twists, partial integration dread lock extenders and clip ins.  We use 100% human hair, and work flexibly to accommodate all budgets. We have samples of many different types of hair extensions to help you decide which one is right for you, based upon your hair type and budget, we will find the hair look that you have always wanted.



All my career choices have always involved people, and after sampling a wide variety of careers, and experiencing being a small business owner.
I am absolutely certain that becoming an R.N. ( Registered Nurse) has allowed me to find the challenge that I have been looking for.


After extensive traveling, studies, research and seminars in oriental and Ayurveda medicine, Sarah decided to graduate from Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami and become nationally certified.  Sarah is a multi-talented individual. In addition to her massage therapy skills, she also has certification in advanced skin care, nail technology, with a passion and specialty in hair extensions. As she embarked on her career journey Sarah experienced the fast and glamorous life of casinos in London to the cruise ships abroad. She worked for Britannia Airways as a flight attendant, and for the Cruise Lines as a casino dealer. Her passion for travel is illustrated through her career choices. This is how Sarah came to discover her future destination Miami, Florida, while working on the cruise ships (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises). Sarah has strong beliefs and an intricate view of how we should take care of our body-mind and soul. This is not an ego-driven job for Sarah. She loves and enjoys her interesting, and rewarding profession though it is challenging work nonetheless. The desire to help others and make them feel great is deeply embedded in her, and that's what drives her. Sarah incorporated her own company in 2005; designed a new massage technique "Multimedia Massage" She developed her own line of hair extensions products "Cleopatra's© Hair Extensions. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Nursing.


Cleopatra's 100% Premium Virgin Hair